Program Director of the Month: June 2023

We are delighted to announce that Svetlana Piliavsky, SLP, from Brighton House Nursing and Rehab in Brighton, MA, has been selected as Synchrony Rehab’s Program Director of the Month for June! Svetlana has been the PD at her campus since 2017.

Svetlana has consistently gone above and beyond in her responsibilities, displaying exceptional clinical, operational and team building skills. Svetlana is able to assist with translation for her Russian speaking residents and has a passion for optimizing patient care and outcomes. Her exceptional interpersonal skills and ability to build strong relationships have contributed to a harmonious and productive working atmosphere at Brighton House.

Svetlana’s compassion and empathy shine through in her interactions with residents and their families. She understands the challenges they face and goes above and beyond to provide support and reassurance during the rehabilitation process. Her ability to instill hope and motivate residents to reach their fullest potential is truly commendable.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Svetlana on this well-deserved recognition. Svetlana’s contributions have made a significant impact on her campus and on our organization, and we are grateful for her exceptional leadership.

You can see by the messages below that our elite customers and the rehab team at Brighton House appreciate her contributions each and every day!

“On behalf of the residents, their families, and the entire staff at Brighton House Nursing and Rehab, I want to express my deepest appreciation to Svetlana. Her exceptional leadership, expertise, and genuine care have made a significant difference in the lives of those who have had the privilege of receiving rehabilitation services under her guidance. Thank you, Svetlana, for your invaluable contributions to Brighton House Nursing and Rehab.”  

-Kevin Morris President/Owner BaneCare Management LLC

“Svetlana at Brighton House is the glue that keeps the team together, positive and moving forward. Beyond her time and dedication, she is always encouraging the team and is an excellent communicator.”

-Cyril J. Bellavance, Chief Human Resources Officer, Bane Care Management

“Svetlana is one of Brighton House’s most committed and passionate employees. Her dedication to the patients and their needs is obvious in everything she does. She is a huge support to our team here and always brings a positive attitude to everything she does. She is loved by patients and their family members alike, as reflected in the numerous letters, reviews, and notes we receive at Brighton House. We would not be the team we are today without her! Thank you Svetlana, for everything you do!” 

-Natalie Montville, LNHA Executive Director, Brighton House Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

“Svetlana is a compassionate patient advocate who demonstrates professional integrity and outstanding support to our rehab team so we can provide the best patient/resident care. She is so deserving of this honor!”

Patricia Gray, PT – Brighton House