Success Story: Diane Scanlon

Aspen Place Health Campus

"Everyone worked well together in a way that felt like family helping to reach the goal of walking again in an encouraging way."

Resident Story

Diane Scanlon found herself confined to her bed after a severe infection left her weak and unable to move. Before her illness, Diane was a whirlwind of activity, enjoying cooking, cleaning, and shopping with her husband. However, as she lay in bed for weeks, she knew she needed help to regain her independence. That’s when she decided to begin her journey to recovery at Aspen Place Health Campus.

With determination and the support of her dedicated therapists, Diane made incredible progress. She fondly recalls her therapy sessions, where therapists Chris, Crystal, Jamie, Jerica, and Kayla worked together like a family, cheering her on every step of the way. Through their guidance and encouragement, Diane achieved her ultimate goal: to return home and be able to enjoy outings with her husband once again.

Today, thanks to the exceptional care she received at Aspen Place, Diane is not only walking again but also able to manage all her personal care independently. Grateful for her experience, Diane reflects that her time at Aspen Place was the best rehabilitation journey she could have hoped for, a sentiment that speaks volumes about the dedication and expertise of the team who helped her regain her strength and independence.

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