Success Story: Rose Ann O’Brien

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"I feel like a human again! Thank you Carol for helping me!"

Resident Story

Rose Ann O’Brien’s journey with Synchrony Rehab has been nothing short of inspiring. Back in 2020, she found herself immobilized by pain, weighing 380 pounds. A trip to the ER revealed she had osteoarthritis, rendering her homebound. Determined to reclaim her life, Rose Ann embarked on a remarkable transformation, shedding 135 pounds and undergoing two knee replacement surgeries.

Before her journey with Synchrony Rehab, Rose Ann’s life was severely restricted. Her hobbies and activities were limited, and she was essentially homebound. Simple tasks like walking or climbing stairs seemed impossible. However, with the support and guidance of her therapist, Carol, Rose Ann’s life took a remarkable turn. Through sheer determination and hard work, Rose Ann not only achieved her goal of walking again but surpassed it. Now, she can walk with a cane, conquer stairs, shower independently, and participate in household activities. For Rose Ann, the most significant achievement is regaining her independence and feeling like a human again. She expresses her gratitude to Carol, whose support and encouragement have been instrumental in her incredible journey. With Synchrony Rehab, Rose Ann has not just regained her mobility but also her zest for life.

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