Success Story: Dave Vogel

The Glen

"Thanks to the awesome therapists at The Glen, I can get back to being me!"

Resident Story

Dave Vogel, a strong and resilient individual, is celebrating his recent rehabilitation graduation from The Glen. His story began at home when he was suffering from sudden loss of lower extremity strength and impaired sensation ultimately causing him to lose the ability to walk. This was devastating and concerning to Dave and his family as he was always known as the ‘work horse of the family”. Dave’s condition continued to deteriorate causing a trip to the hospital and eventually led him to The Glen.

While at The Glen, his main goal was to be able to walk and return home with his wife so he could continue to provide and complete his normal duties. Dave put in countless hours attempting to strengthen his legs and resume walking however he was faced with countless setbacks including Covid-19, near falls, and progressive weakness despite his hard work. The therapist at The Glen noted his continued deficits and pushed for him to have further testing. Dave was then seen by a spine specialist and was hospitalized and diagnosed with spinal cord compression and stenosis. After having back surgery, Dave returned to The Glen to continue his rehabilitation. Dave was then facing a lengthy recovery post surgery. He continued to have support from his loving wife and the vision to return home was his main motivation. Dave’s perseverance alongside the unyielding encouragement of the therapists at The Glen have led him to successfully discharging home. Dave’s family has made the appropriate modifications at home for an easy transition. Dave’s story is a powerful message of the importance of determination, hard work, and the positive impact a supportive family can have on achieving goals and leading a fulfilling life. 

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