Success Story: Bonnie Johnston

St. Andrews Health Campus

"My therapists are amazing, great, wonderful, funny, and helped me achieve all of my goals!"

Resident Story

Bonnie Johnston’s journey at Saint Andrews Health Campus is a testament to resilience and the power of dedicated rehabilitation. After experiencing a heart attack, Bonnie found herself in need of extra support to regain her strength and independence.

Before her heart attack, Bonnie led a bustling life, working full-time and actively participating in her grandchildren’s activities. However, upon arriving at Saint Andrews, she faced challenges she hadn’t encountered before, struggling with basic tasks like getting into bed and walking down the hall unaided.

Despite these obstacles, Bonnie had a clear goal in mind: to walk again without the aid of a walker. Thanks to the incredible support and guidance of her therapists, Bonnie made significant strides towards this goal, despite some limitations imposed by her medical team. With humor, dedication, and a little extra push from her therapists, Bonnie not only regained her ability to walk independently but also found a new sense of strength and confidence. As she prepares to return home, Bonnie sings praises for the exceptional care she received at Saint Andrews, where staff and residents have become more than just caregivers but friends. Her journey is a testament to the transformative impact of rehabilitation and the importance of community support in the healing process.

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