Success Story: Larry Burgess

Liberty Station Health Campus

"Both my therapists were very good! They didn’t leave me short on anything and made me do what I was supposed to do and get it done."

Resident Story

Larry Burgess, an active and independent man, faced a sudden health crisis when he passed out at home due to bowel and bladder problems, as well as blocked kidneys. The incident left him weak and struggling to walk, a stark contrast to his previous active lifestyle. Larry, who enjoyed playing golf, walking, and taking care of his yard, found himself in need of assistance to regain his strength and mobility. Determined to get back on his feet, he began his rehabilitation journey at Liberty Station Health Campus.

Despite the challenges he faced, Larry was determined to regain his independence. With the support and guidance of his dedicated therapists, he made remarkable progress. Through hard work and perseverance, Larry achieved his goal of regaining his balance and strength. He speaks highly of his therapists, acknowledging their commitment and support throughout his journey. Thanks to their help, Larry can now walk without a cane, manage stairs with ease, and is even working on getting back to his beloved gardening. Grateful for the care he received, Larry credits his therapists for his remarkable recovery and is excited to embrace life once again.

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