Success Story: Larry Henderson

Genoa Retirement Village

"Great staff, great food, and would come back if needed."

Resident Story

Larry Henderson’s life took an unexpected turn when he fell at home, cracking a rib and lacerating his liver. After spending two weeks in St. V’s ICU and another twelve days in a step-down unit, Larry found himself at Genoa Retirement Village, facing a long road to recovery. The injury had left him unable to move his extremities, walk, or even speak above a whisper due to intubation during his hospital stay. But Larry was determined to regain his independence and get back to the activities he loved, like watching TV and playing computer games.

Despite the challenges he faced, Larry remained resilient. With the support of his dedicated therapists, he made remarkable progress during his rehabilitation journey. His therapists pushed him to never give up, and their encouragement paid off. Today, Larry can walk with a walker, transfer from bed to chair with minimal assistance, and enjoy regular food without the fear of choking. Grateful for the care he received, Larry praises the staff and the food at Genoa Retirement Village, stating that he would return if needed, a testament to the exceptional care he experienced during his stay.

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