Success Story: Verl Kauffman

Waterford Crossing

“I appreciate the good care and concern of all those who helped with my care while recovering at Waterford Crossing!”

Resident Story

Meet Verl Kauffman, a remarkable individual who recently completed his rehabilitation journey at Waterford Crossing with the dedicated support of Synchrony Rehab. Verl’s journey began with an episode of altered consciousness at home, leading to his admission to the hospital. Determined to regain his independence, Verl embarked on his rehabilitation journey at Waterford Crossing on December 1.

Before his story, Verl led an active lifestyle, enjoying bike rides through the Florida trails during winters and tending to yardwork with vigor. However, his diagnosis of progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) posed significant challenges, affecting his balance, vision, speech, and swallowing. Upon admission to Waterford Crossing, Verl faced the daunting task of rebuilding his strength and mobility, with his primary goal being to walk again and regain his balance.

Through the unwavering support of his therapists at Waterford Crossing, Verl made remarkable progress. Today, he proudly walks with a walker and can independently rise from a chair—a testament to his determination and the dedication of the rehabilitation team. Verl expresses heartfelt gratitude for the exceptional care and concern he received during his recovery, highlighting the patience and assistance of the therapists who guided him every step of the way. Verl’s inspiring journey serves as a beacon of resilience and hope, showcasing the transformative power of rehabilitation in restoring independence and quality of life.

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